Cookie policy

1. Policy’s scope of application

The present policy applies to trackers (notably to cookies) set and/or read during the consultation of the Website (hereafter referred to as : "Website"). This scope includes all services related to the domain name

2. What is a tracker? 

Trackers are a set of technical means which allow data controllers to collect and store certain information regarding your use of the Website.

For instance, cookies are small text files which are downloaded by your browser on your device when you access certain websites. They are set and/or read by the websites upon usage and may be used to ensure that the website functions properly, to personalize your user experience, to provide you with customized advertisements, to measure the website’s audience and performance, or to allow you to interact with social networks directly via the website.

In this policy, the term "cookie" is used to cover all of the aforementioned means (notably including software development kits or “SDKs” used for tracking purposes).

3. What are the different types of cookies ? 

  • Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used exclusively to ensure that the Website operates as intended. For example, they are necessary for certain elements of the Website to appear, or to be usable. They might also be used to identify and rectify any malfunctions that you may encounter. 

It is not possible to oppose the setting or reading of these cookies because they are strictly necessary for the Website to operate properly.

  • Personalization cookies

These cookies record your preferences regarding your use of the Website. For example, they may store your favorite language, the contents of a shopping cart, or your login credentials so that your experience is personalized the next time you use the website. If you refuse to accept or read these cookies, or delete them from your browser, the personalization of your experience on the site will be limited.

To date, this Website does not use this type of cookies.

  • Audience measurement cookies

Audience measurement cookies allow for the measurement of the Website’s performance and frequentation. For instance, they  allow us to establish statistics regarding the volume of visits and use of the Website’s various pages and components (sections and content visited, user path, etc) in order to improve the Website’s interest and ergonomics. These cookies can be set or read on your browser or device without your consent if they comply with certain conditions.

  • Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies allow for real time personalized selection of which advertisement is displayed to you on the dedicated interfaces of the website. These cookies can only be set or read if you have expressly consented to them.

To date, this Website does not use this type of cookies.

  • Social network cookies

These cookies are set or read by social networks when you share the Website’s contents with other people on your social networks. These cookies are only set or read if you expressly consent to them. 

The social networks you share the Website’s content on are the only ones to control these cookies and the data they collect, the purposes for which they are processed, the persons to whom they are transmitted and how long they are kept. For more information on these practices, please consult these social networks’ privacy policies.

4. Who sets and reads cookies on the Website ?

When you browse this Website, Bedrock and its partners set or read cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience and for the purposes described in the article "Why do we use cookies? In this context, Bedrock and its partners may act as Controllers, Joint Controllers or Processors.

5. Why do we use cookies ?

Bedrock uses cookies to: 

  • Secure and optimize your browsing experience on the Website; 

  • Personalize your user experience on the Website;

  • Perform audience measurement operations including operations which are exempted from consent requirements.

6. How to adjust cookie settings and delete cookies? 

When you first visit the Website, a cookie banner allows you to accept or refuse, in whole or in part, the setting and reading of cookies for all the listed purposes.

You can change your choices at any time by clicking on the cookie icon on the bottom left of each page of the Website. 

You can also delete cookies in your browser or device settings. You can also adjust your browser or device settings to prevent websites from installing cookies or third-party cookies. In this case, some features of our Website may not be available or may not operate properly.

You can find more information about your rights regarding personal data on the CNIL’s dedicated website if you are a French speaker, or on the ICO’s dedicated website if you are an English speaker.

Policy’s last update date: 11/05/2023