We build and power world-class streaming services

Bedrock creates and operates end-to-end streaming platforms for leading media companies with best-in-class user experience across AVOD, SVOD and hybrid business models. Delivering on-demand video, linear channels, live sports and FAST on 60+ devices for more than 45 million users in Europe.

Content is King,
Platform is Queen

In today's media-tech world, great content demands great technology. Tech standards and user expectations are set by global giants, raising the bar for the media industry. More than ever Content is King and Platform is Queen.

Bedrock's mission is all about building state-of-the-art streaming platforms that are on par (or better) with the global streaming giants. We aim for our clients to engage and entertain their audiences with the same level of performance and satisfaction.

Leveraging 15 years of expertise, Bedrock delivers heart-pounding fiction, extensive live news, edge-of-your-seat sporting events and premium movies, bringing fantastic streaming experience to millions of users daily.

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13 - 17 April 2024

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Creating Streaming Champions

 Solution 6Play

Driving innovation & revenue growth

6play is France's #2 AVOD streaming platform available via OTT and telcos. Now with a new '6play max' tier providing more features and comfort such as ad-free, Download to go, SmartTVs and extended program availability.

Over the last years, Bedrock revamped 6play, simplifying navigation, optimizing content discovery, and introducing multiple FAST channels. Today, it excels in handling peak traffic during live shows and sports events.

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