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    Bedrock awarded HappyIndexAtWork and TechAtWork 2022 labels

    Bedrock, the European streaming-tech leader, has been recognized by ChooseMyCompany with 2 labels: the HappyIndexAtWork label, which rewards companies where employees are the happiest, and the TechAtWork label, which certifies the companies where IT/tech teams are the most motivated.

    With a participation rate of 76.4% of its employees, Bedrock received an excellent score of 4.3/5, placing it in its first year directly in 65th place in the official HappyIndexAtWork 2022 survey. On the other hand, it also placed 45th in the TechAtWork 2022 ranking of companies with more than 50 employees.

    This year, Bedrock shows a particular commitment and strong team motivation, with 84.2% of employees being proud of the products developed within the company, and the same proportion feeling that they are learning and developing their skills.

    "The perfect company does not exist! However, we at ChooseMyCompany are convinced that there are many great organizations like Bedrock that care about team motivation and development. Thanks to its excellent results, Bedrock stands out among many companies evaluated in the HappyIndexAtWork 2022 survey," said Celica Thellier, ChooseMyCompany co-founder.

    "Bedrock is very proud to have achieved for the first year the HappyIndexAtWork and TechAtWork labels. This award is a concrete proof of the well-being and the good quality of life of all our teams in their work environment. By participating in this innovative survey, Bedrock has all the assets to improve its management, strengthen the motivation of its employees and thus attract the best talents by sharing its corporate culture," says Caroline Meyer, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bedrock.


    The TechAtWork label is the first participative employer label, launched in partnership with LesJeudis, a major player in web and IT recruitment. It rewards excellence in the management and motivation of Tech/IT teams in organizations.

    The HappyIndexAtWork label is the first participative employer label that rewards excellence in management and motivation of all employees. 

    These are based on the results of a major annual European survey, developed by ChooseMyCompany, which is 100% participatory, 100% digital and 100% anonymous.

    In May 2022, Bedrock employees evaluated their personal experience in their work environment. They answered a questionnaire of 18 questions along 6 dimensions: professional development, stimulating environment, management, salary & recognition, pride and pleasure.

    Accreditation to the HappyIndexAtWork label for each participating company is awarded by ChooseMyCompany based on three rigorous criteria:

    • a minimum overall score of 3.81/5

    • a recommendation > 60%.

    • a participation of the workforce > 50%.

    IT/Tech employees also answered the 18-question TechAt Work questionnaire along 6 dimensions: motivation, pride, stimulating environment, management, career progression and fun/pleasure.

    Accreditation to the TechAtWork label is awarded by ChooseMyCompany based on three rigorous criteria:

    • a minimum overall score of 3.8/5

    • a recommendation > 60%. 

    • a participation of the workforce > 50%.

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