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Connected TV World Summit 2023

20 - 21 March 2023


Bedrock's CEO, Jonas Engwall, spoke at the panel "How to grow direct-to-consumer streaming services" at Connected TV World Summit 2023

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    52790613528_bd25b2115f_c.jpgFrom left: Jonas Engwall, Ivars Lubāns, Anita Barnard and moderator Lydia Fairfax

    Bedrock's esteemed CEO, Jonas Engwall, recently had the honor of participating in a panel discussion titled "How to Grow Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Services." The panel delved into a range of crucial topics that are integral to the success and expansion of such services. From exploring growth opportunities to navigating innovative technology and consumer trends, the insightful conversation shed light on key strategies employed by industry leaders. This blog post provides an overview of the significant themes covered during the panel discussion.

    Growth Opportunities

    The panel discussion commenced with a deep dive into the vast array of growth opportunities available for direct-to-consumer streaming services. Jonas Engwall highlighted the importance of leveraging data-driven insights, market research, and user feedback to identify untapped markets, target audience segments, and emerging trends. By embracing strategic partnerships, exploring international expansion, and embracing disruptive technologies, streaming services can unlock new avenues for growth and scale their operations effectively.

    Innovative Technology

    Another key topic addressed during the panel was the critical role of innovative technology in driving the success of direct-to-consumer streaming services. Jonas emphasized the significance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements, such as AI-driven personalization, immersive viewing experiences, and robust content recommendation algorithms. By harnessing these innovative technologies, streaming services can captivate audiences, deliver tailored experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

    Advertising Strategies

    The panelists engaged in a comprehensive discussion on advertising strategies that can drive the growth of direct-to-consumer streaming services. Jonas shared insights on targeted advertising, dynamic ad insertion, and the power of data-driven advertising campaigns. By understanding consumer preferences, behavioral patterns, and viewing habits, streaming services can deliver relevant and engaging advertisements that enhance user experiences and generate revenue.

    Go-to-Market Strategy

    Developing a solid go-to-market strategy emerged as a crucial consideration for expanding direct-to-consumer streaming services. Jonas Engwall stressed the significance of conducting thorough market research, building brand awareness, and establishing strategic partnerships to effectively penetrate new markets. A well-crafted go-to-market strategy ensures a strong positioning, optimal user acquisition, and sustainable growth in the highly competitive streaming industry.

    Content Strategy and Licensing

    The panel also explored the importance of a robust content strategy and licensing agreements in driving the success of streaming services. Jonas Engwall highlighted the need for a diverse content library that caters to the unique preferences of target audiences. Effective content licensing, securing exclusive rights, and fostering relationships with content creators are crucial elements in building a compelling and differentiated streaming service that keeps viewers engaged and loyal.

    Consumer Trends

    Lastly, the panelists delved into emerging consumer trends shaping the direct-to-consumer streaming landscape. Jonas Engwall emphasized the significance of understanding changing consumer behaviors, preferences, and expectations. By staying attuned to evolving trends such as mobile viewing, binge-watching, and social engagement, streaming services can adapt their offerings, tailor experiences, and continuously meet the demands of their audience.

    Jonas' participation in the panel discussion on growing direct-to-consumer streaming services provided valuable insights into the strategies, technologies, and trends that drive success in this dynamic industry. By focusing on growth opportunities, leveraging innovative technology, implementing effective advertising strategies, formulating robust go-to-market strategies, curating compelling content, and keeping up with consumer trends, streaming services can position themselves for long-term success. Bedrock remains dedicated to driving the evolution of the streaming landscape, and Jonas Engwall's contribution to the panel exemplifies our commitment to innovation, industry leadership, and delivering exceptional streaming experiences.

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