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Nextv Series Europe 2023

11 - 12 May 2023


Bedrock was Silver Sponsor of Nextv Series Europe.

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    Nextv Series Europe, the renowned industry event that examines the evolving trends, innovations, and strategies in Pay TV, Telecom, and OTT, recently concluded its highly anticipated 8th edition. Gathering TV industry professionals from across Europe, this event served as a platform to discuss the latest business trends and address the key challenges faced within the industry. Bedrock's business development team had the privilege of attending this prestigious event, ensuring our ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving TV landscape.

    Insights from Nextv Series Europe

    Nextv Series Europe provided an invaluable opportunity for our experts from the business development team to immerse themselves in insightful discussions, gain firsthand knowledge of emerging trends, and exchange ideas with industry thought leaders. The event covered a wide range of topics and addressed the pressing issues shaping the Pay TV, Telecom, and OTT sectors in today's increasingly connected ecosystem.

    Exploring Trends and Innovation

    One of the primary focuses of Nextv Series Europe was to examine the latest trends and innovations that are revolutionizing the TV industry. From advanced video streaming technologies to evolving consumer preferences, our team engaged in lively conversations surrounding the transformation of content consumption habits, the rise of personalized viewing experiences, and the impact of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Navigating Key Challenges

    Nextv Series Europe provided a platform to collectively address the key challenges faced by the industry. Our business development team actively participated in discussions on topics such as content acquisition and distribution strategies, monetization models, user retention strategies, regulatory frameworks, and emerging competition. By actively engaging in these conversations, Bedrock aims to anticipate challenges, develop innovative solutions, and enhance our capabilities in providing top-notch streaming solutions.

    Strengthening Industry Connections

    Beyond the insightful sessions and panel discussions, Nextv Series Europe allowed our team to foster connections and build relationships with industry professionals from Europe and beyond. The event provided a unique networking environment where our experts exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and forged partnerships that will fuel future collaborations and enable us to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

    Attending Nextv Series Europe was an incredible opportunity for Bedrock's business development team to gain deep insights into the trends, innovation, and strategies driving the Pay TV, Telecom, and OTT sectors. By participating in this prestigious event, we reaffirm our commitment to continuous learning, industry leadership, and delivering cutting-edge streaming solutions. Nextv Series Europe serves as a vital platform for industry professionals to collectively shape the future of the TV landscape, and we are excited to leverage the knowledge and connections gained from this event to drive the evolution of the streaming industry.

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