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Forum PHP 2022

12 - 13 October 2022


Bedrock was Gold Sponsor of Forum PHP! Our experts shared their expertise through a series of conferences.

    Bedrock was Gold Sponsor of Forum PHP!


    Our experts shared their expertise through a series of conferences:

    ‘Understand how PHP works, your applications will work better’ presented by Pascal Martin from 10:30 to 11:10

    To execute code, PHP consumes CPU and memory. When an HTTP request comes up, a php-fpm process is assigned to it. But these resources are limited. And, even in the Cloud or in serverless, scaling takes time and costs soar!

    Do you know how much CPU and RAM your application requires? And for how long? If not or without understanding "why", it is difficult to efficiently build and scale a sustainable hosting! Maybe it works... On your machine. Or for a while, wasting money and resources. But experience shows that sooner or later these issues will catch up with you.

    PHP lifecycle, communication between nginx and php-fpm, shared-nothing approach, compilation and opcode cache, internal memory management or even software architecture and debugging... For an application to meet the expectations of its audience, we need to understand how PHP works!

    ‘Save a dev, write a doc!’ presented by Sarah Haïm-Lubczanski from 2.40 to 3.20pm 

    You are a PHP developer: you like to program, to think. You like to create quality applications or libraries. But why doesn't anyone use them? Because your documentation is not up to scratch!

    That's right: Sarah is a Technical Writer and her job is to help you make your software more valuable to its users, through good documentation. In this conference, she explained how to architect, design and write your content. Sarah introduced the tools that can help you and make it easier to update your content.

    ‘Code review: we didn't come here to suffer!’ presented by Anne-Laure de Boissieu from 12:25 to 12:45pm

    Anne-Laure joined her new team 6 months ago, with some apprehension. How was she going to live the code reviews by colleagues she didn't know yet? Misunderstandings, misunderstandings: written communication makes this exercise very delicate. Were you hurt by a comment? Was it really ill-intentioned? Did you hurt someone's feelings unintentionally because of an awkward turn of phrase?

    In her team, Anne-Laure discovered a framework that made her feel welcome from the moment she arrived. By adopting a well adapted posture and convention, the risk of misunderstanding each other can be reduced. Not only do you communicate better, but you improve the overall quality of the project.

    You will no longer have any reason to suffer!

    ‘BFF, our best friend forever to make a lot of frontend applications?’ presented by Valentin Claras from 4.35 to 5.15pm 

    At Bedrock we provide streaming applications (ASVOD, AVOD) for several customers in France and Europe, each application being deployed on many devices (computer, mobile, set top box, connected TV, game consoles, TV stick etc ...). It had become very difficult to manage the creation and evolution of these many applications that each required and formatted themselves the data they needed.

    For this, in 2018, Valentin decided to embark on the creation of a Back For Front in order to unify and facilitate backend and frontend interactions. During this talk he reviewed:

    • The concepts of the back for front

    • The api-gateway and micro service architecture implemented. 

    • The functional gains and the velocities gained 

    • The different mechanisms developed to absorb important load peaks (resilience, circuit breaker, fallbacks etc.) 

    • The technical and organizational impacts of such an architecture. 

    Today Bedrock’s API Gateway BFF operates 92 frontends delivering 1.5 billion videos per year for 45 million active users (MaU). Discover our expert’s feedback on the implementation of such a project.

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