Bedrock Powers Brand New French Streaming Service ‘Salto'

Bedrock, the streaming-tech Joint Venture formed by  Groupe M6 and RTL Group, is proud to empower Salto, the highly anticipated streaming  service in France, successfully launched this week. The joint platform between the three major  French broadcasters: Groupe TF1, France Télévisions and Groupe M6 relies on Bedrock’s  streaming technology for all its operations. 

Bedrock has met Salto’s advanced requirements, providing a complete streaming end-to-end  solution able to uniquely aggregate the best of two worlds: a leading broadcast experience  with 20 live channels including catch-up services and live sports events, and a premium SVOD  catalog gathering 10,000+ hours covering all genres and formats. 

Salto relies on Bedrock’s robust cloud-based technologies from content management to video  playback to deliver a best-in-class video experience to its users: 

- Salto uses Bedrock’s advanced back-office and data tools to provide in depth  personalisation, and a unique kind of editorialisation and design, including human curated sections. 

- Salto subscribers get a fresh and unified user experience on a wide range of OTT  devices, including iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV and  web, all developed by Bedrock. 

- Salto also relies on Bedrock’s capabilities for payments, Customer Relationship  Management, revenue optimisation and many other features set by the Request For  Proposal won in 2019. 

Jonas Engwall, Chief Executive Officer at Bedrock, says: “Bedrock is one of a few European  streaming-tech companies with the scale and expertise needed to deliver a user experience  on par with the global streaming giants. We are proud to power such a unique SVOD platform  as Salto and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.” 

Thomas Follin, Chief Executive Officer at Salto, says: “Bedrock’s technology empowers Salto  to become a powerful streaming service pushing the TV experience forward. Our partnership  allows us to rely on Bedrock’s best-in-class streaming technology with promising potential. I  would like to thank Bedrock’s teams for their hard work and contribution to Salto’s successful  launch.” 

About Salto 

Salto is the French OTT service giving unlimited access to the best of TV and streaming,  created through the shared vision of the French groups France Télévisions, Groupe M6 and  Groupe TF1 to facilitate new audiovisual consumption behaviours. Salto gives unlimited  access to popular TV programmes, as well as brand new content, to be enjoyed live, with  exclusive previews, or in replay, from 6,99€/month. This common platform is aimed at  supporting the French and European audiovisual creation. 

Salto SAS is equally shared by the three audiovisual companies. 


 Bedrock to launch brand new M6+ platform in France  with universal AVOD distribution

Bedrock to launch brand new M6+ platform in France with universal AVOD distribution


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