Bedrock upgrades France’s 6play to a hybrid streaming platform

Bedrock announced today that it has successfully developed the platform for the newly launched 6play max, a new paid tier for Groupe M6’s leading AVOD service in France.

In a fast-paced streaming market where hybrid business models (i.e. subscription & advertising revenues) are becoming increasingly important, Groupe M6 wanted to provide a new response to meet the expectations of its users.

As a result, 6play – the streaming platform from Groupe M6 – asked Bedrock to develop a new user environment with a more premium user experience, in order to upgrade the leading AVOD service in France with a new ad-free tier and launch the service on multiple new smart TVs.

As of today, paid subscribers to 6play max can enjoy more features and increased quality without ads, e.g. Download for offline use, HD quality (1080p), Cast to TV, 30-day program availability and new exclusive access to Samsung TVs and Android/Google TV sets.

"Upgrading a streaming platform on-the-go which has millions of daily users and adding a new paid tier seamlessly is a challenge welcomed by our skilled teams. Adding more functionality and devices to 6play in such a short time was a great business case, emphasizing the broad capabilities of Bedrock. I’m extremely excited to support Groupe M6 into the world of hybrid streaming offers and I look forward to many more developments,”  said Jonas Engwall, CEO of Bedrock.

“Bedrock has been a great partner in bringing this new project to life in a very short time frame. Groupe M6 has huge ambitions in the streaming world, and we will soon bring more features and devices to our 6play max users,” said Julien Smadja, Deputy Managing Director - Distribution Digital at Groupe M6.

About Groupe M6

Founded in 1987 with the TV channel M6, Groupe M6 is a powerful French multimedia group offering a broad range of programmes, products and services. These range from television (13 channels including M6), streaming and radio (three stations including RTL Radio, the biggest commercial radio station in France) to production and content buying, digital, e-commerce, feature films, music and live shows. Groupe M6 has built on its strong brands and content to gradually extend its sphere of operations, through targeted diversifications and innovative offers such as the advertising-funded streaming service 6play, launched in 2013 (26 million active users) and the subscription streaming service Salto in 2020, a joint venture with Groupe TF1 and France Télévisions. The objective is to develop a complementary portfolio of brands that addresses the needs of different audiences and new ways of consuming content.

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